No fuss, EASY to install diaper sprayer!

Turn your toilet into a diaper
sprayer facility with our attachments....

Make cloth diapering easy with the diaper sprayer. New Puppy Shaped Diaper Sprayers for a little fun while doing a not so fun task! View: Bulldog Sprayer and Dalmation Sprayer.

Give Diaper Sprayer a Go!

New! Puppy Shaped
Diaper Sprayers

NEW puppy sprayers are here, Order yours Now!

Great for rinsing
Cloth Diapers!

Read more about the many uses for the Diaper Sprayer


Protected by Microban®

Microban® technology is built-in antimicrobial protection for solid products, coatings and fibers. Microban antimicrobial protection gives products an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as, bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.
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How to use your Diaper Sprayer

Using Diaper Sprayer Using Diaper Sprayer Using Diaper Sprayer

No need for an
expensive plumber!

anyone can install the Diaper Sprayer in minutes!

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